Our History

The History of
First Missionary Baptist Church

Founded in 1913

We can only imagine that on December 18, 1913, a small group of believers felt the movement of the Holy Spirit upon their hearts to come together for the purpose of officially organizing a church. After all, the time of year was fast approaching when Christians would be celebrating the reason for the season, the birth of Christ. What event could be more compelling than this, in drawing other believers together for a common cause?

The records does not give any indication of where these first pioneers originated, nor their purpose for coming. We can only assume that many came for employment that was generated by the forest and lumber industry.

Whatever the reasons, it took adventurous, courageous, and dedicated men and women of God willing to make the sacrifices necessary to relocate to the wilderness of Northern Arizona. They did not have a lot of money, but they had trust in God, they were not great in number, but they knew love and faith could move mountains.

The sincerity of purpose, the warmth of their motives, with the strength of their support was made out of boards, bricks, and a few small windows. A sacred place of worship for the rich, the poor, and wayfarer, who pass this way.

We pause now to salute the pioneers of this great effort who, without a doubt, put God in front, because for them there wasn’t much fashion, but much devotion. There was very little warmth except for maybe one small stove; but there was deep in their hearts, the warmth of God’s Love and the love they had for each other.


We become a legal authorized Missionary Baptist Church

On December 18, 1913, by unanimous consent, it was voted by audience to become a legal authorized Missionary Baptist Church.

On January 20, 1914, First Baptist Church entered into an agreement with Babbitt Brothers Trading Company to purchase lots 1 & 2 Block 3 at Railroad addition to the town of Flagstaff, for the sum of $275.00.

"First Pastor"

On July 1, 1914, it was moved and second that they call Rev. Lewis of Winslow to be the pastor of The First Baptist Church of Flagstaff for an indefinite time.

September 14, 1914, the church met for a business meeting, and a motion was made that the church (body) write a letter to the official board requesting the ordination of Rev. Lewis. The motion carried.

November 18, 1914 business meeting it was motioned that we accept Rev. Lewis’s resignation. Carried.

In a call meeting November 30, 1914 motioned that we call Rev. Hurt for our pastor. Carried.

October 30, 1916 regular business meeting Rev. Hurt’s resignation was moved and carried.

(3rd Pastor) Unknown

(4th Pastor) Pastor Samuel Douglas

(5th Pastor) Pastor Switzer

(6th Pastor) Pastor Samuel Douglas

(7th Pastor) Pastor Mills

(8th Pastor) Pastor Silas Thornton

(9th Pastor) Pastor E.D. Payne

(10th Pastor) Pastor Henderson Lowe


First Baptist Church

First Missionary Baptist Church

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219 S Elden St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001