Please Let Us Serve You!

At First Missionary Baptist Church Flagstaff, we have a variety of services for our congregation members. We're constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and make our church stronger.
Flagstaff Baptism


Baptism is a public profession of your trust in Jesus Christ and your commitment to follow his teachings. That's why we emphasize the importance of baptism in our church, and celebrate each individual's choice to pursue the Lord for life. If you are interested in getting baptized, come visit us at the information desk to learn more.

Flagstaff Communion


Just as the early Church gathered together to celebrate The Lord's Supper, so does the congregation of First Missionary Baptist Church Flagstaff come together in Flagstaff to share in Holy Communion. We remember the amazing gift of grace given to us thanks to the body and blood shed by Jesus at the cross, and take the opportunity to examine our own lives, ask forgiveness for our sins, and commit to one another in loving support.

Flagstaff Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our Flagstaff community is in need. Our friends and neighbors have problems that they feel are insurmountable, whether they lack resources to make ends meet, emotional support during difficult phases of their lives, or spiritual guidance to see the Lord. Beyond our organized church outreach programs, First Missionary Baptist Church Flagstaff trains our members to enter our community with the wisdom and skill needed to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, one helping hand at a time.

Flagstaff Kids Church

Kids Church

Learn, play, and grow in First Missionary Baptist Church Flagstaff's Kids Church and children's ministries! We're passionate about reaching kids with the Good News, and bringing up a new generation of leaders in the church and in the community. Our Kids Church team makes every Sunday fun, insightful, and encouraging. Your child will make new friends, play games, hear stories, and learn something new about Jesus along the way!

Flagstaff Sunday Service

Sunday Service

On the night of his betrayal, Jesus Christ shared the Passover meal of unleavened bread and wine with his disciples, with the command to "Do this in remembrance of me" (Luke 22:19). In the same way, we remember the Lord's sacrifice and triumph on the cross with regular mass ceremonies. This central act of worship unifies the body of Christ and is a living testimony of our individual faith in the Lord.